beatriz thibeaux

beautiful design for web & print

don't be blue

Your project is awesome, but sometimes

all it takes is a little adjustment

to make things fit together perfectly.

With my top-notch design & marketing skills,

I’ll help make your project SUPERawesome

& then you’ll be happy, upbeat and excited!

So maybe you’re feeling
a little bit like
a fish out of water

All that glitters isn’t gold, but a little shine & sparkle

in the right places will get you noticed.

Lucky for you, with my 20+ years of design & marketing experience, & hundreds of projects under my belt,

I know exactly where that shine & sparkle

needs to go to make sure all eyes are on you.

You’ll be beaming with joy!

Let’s bring your project
to life

Together, we’ll come up with creative & beautiful solutions. We'll feed your project a big,

heaping spoonful of art,

& watch that baby grow

into something extraordinary.

So let’s TALK & get to work

making those great ideas

take flight!

Awesomeness is

a heartbeat away.

Whatever your project is –

be it a new logo or identity,

a poster, a really cool t-shirt, icons for a fancy new app,

or a snazzy website –

I’ll be your torchbearer &

I will give you design that will have people saying, “WOW!”

I’m always open to ideas for new projects, so get in touch, and let’s make something beautiful.

© Beatriz Thibeaux 2015